World War III: West German

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World War III: West German introduces the forces of West Germans to the turbulent battles of World War III from 1985. World War III: West German and the West German range of Team Yankee models contains everything you need to hold back the red menace.

Inside you will find background on the West German Bundeswehr (armed forces) and Heer (army) and their role in the initial stages of World War III. You will also find the stories of Panzer Division 1 and Kampfgruppe Müller as they fight to defend their country from the invading communist forces.

World War III: West German allows you to build twelve different fighting companies.
- Leopard 2A5 Panzer Kompanie
- The Leopard 2 Panzer Kompanie
- The Leopard 1 Panzer Kompanie
- Marder 2 Panzergrenadier Kompanie
- Marder 1 Panzergrenadier Kompanie
- M113 Panzergrenadier Kompanie
- Panzeraufklärungs Kompanie (Panzerlehrbrigade 9)
- Panzeraufklärungs Kompanie
- Fuchs Panzeraufklärungs Kompanie
- Fallschirmjäger Kompanie
- Gebirgsjäger Kompanie
- Heimatschutzbrigade

All these formations have access to supporting forces that include rocket artillery, artillery observers, anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank helicopters, and ground attack aircraft.

World War III: West German also contains three scenarios to test your skills with your West German force.

Painting Guides
World War III: West German also contains a detailed painting guide to help you prepare your West Germans for combat. You will find details on what colors to use, with options for the three-color NATO scheme or simple one-colour Gelboliv (Yellow Olive) scheme. It also contains guides for painting and basing your panzergrenadiers.

Number of pages: 89
Format: A4
Language: English
Author: Wayne Turner

Note: Updated Army Book for West German Forces in WWIII: Team Yankee.

WW3-05 Battlefront

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