Vibrant Greens triad system Warpaints Fanatic

Wander into the grassy meadows or an enchanting forest’s lush greenery with the Flexible Triad: Vibrant Greens. This section of colours is perfect for creating lush, vivid scenes of grassy meadows, leafy canopies, and verdant bushes, transporting your miniatures to enchanting forests or alien landscapes. Or use the triad to depict the more dramatic and mystical aspects of fantasy, such as poisonous effects, magical spells, or the contents of an enchanted potion. Whether you’re aiming for the natural beauty of vibrant foliage or the striking impact of magical and toxic phenomena, the Flexible Triad: Vibrant Greens can bring your fantasy worlds to life.

The Vibrant Greens Triad is suitable for projects across all genres of miniature painting, from historical and military figures to fantasy creatures and sci-fi models.

Download Flexible Triad Chart here

Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen

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