Desaturated Cool Greens triad system Warpaints Fanatic

Evoke the subdued essence and beauty of natural and historical elements with the Flexible Triad: Desaturated Cool Greens. This selection of colours is perfect for capturing the feelings of a rugged terrain with moss-covered stones or the muted tones of military unforms. Whether you are painting the mossy remains of ancient ruins, the elegant patina of old metalwork, these colours are ideal for painting weathered and worn materials and imbuing your miniatures with a sense of history and narrative. The colours in the triad are also perfect for creatures that inhabit enchanted forests such as the leafy form of an ent or a wood elf.

The Desaturated Cool Greens Triad is suitable for projects across all genres of miniature painting, from historical and military figures to fantasy creatures and sci-fi models.

Download Flexible Triad Chart here

Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen

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