Ostfront: Barbarossa to Berlin

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From the early battles for Leningrad and Sevastopol to the tank clash of Kursk and the bitter urban warfare of Stalingrad, this Theatre Book for Bolt Action provides wargamers with scenarios and special rules that give them everything they need to focus their gaming on the Eastern Front.

Khalkyn Gol
The battles between the Soviets and the Japanese at the border between Manchuria and Mongolia in early 1939. The scenarios representing these battles use very unique forces. These have a decidedly old-fashioned flavour for War World Two, as they are populated with a high percentage of cavalry (on both sides!), and come with rules for things like standard bearer.

The Winter War
The invasion of Finland by the Soviet Union in 1939. What makes this war so epic is its ‘Samson and Goliath’ tone. The section includes rules for SIMO HÄYHÄ – ‘THE WHITE DEATH’, the most successful sniper in history, and a new selector for Soviet ‘Winter War’–themed forces, together with more scenarios and additional units. including another flame-throwing tank. the OT-130, as well as rules for the multi-turreted ‘landship’ tanks that the Soviet Union was experimenting with at the time.

Operation Barbarossa
The largest invasion in history: “3.2 million German and around 500,000 Axis troops, 600,000 vehicles, over 4,000 aircraft and three quarters of a million horses ranged along a 2500km front.” The scenarios here recreate some of the most typical battles of Barbarossa, using forces from the Soviet and German supplements, but introducing their own ‘Ostfront’ twist in the form of scenario special rules, like, for example, the rules for frostbite.

Case Blue
Stalingrad – a name that evokes the bitterest street-to-street combat. The scenarios presented here make use of the City Fighting set of special rules. They recreate some of the most well-known episodes of this titanic battle, and the Soviet players get reinforcements to see off the fascist invaders, in the shape of Vasily Zaitsev to take on the German officers and the mighty M-30 heavy rocket launcher to pound enemy troops concentrations to dust. Of course, the temptation is going to be set up a ‘what if’ duel between Zaitsev and the White Death… who’s the toughest sniper!?

Kursk – the archetypical tank battle. The scenarios for this clash of armoured beasts allow the players to pack in so many tanks, artillery and off-map firepower that the resulting games will be a veritable cauldron of dust, flame and twisted metal. The German player can finally use a lot of his best toys – Tigers, Panthers, Ferdinands, Brummbars, escorted by their own version of tank-riders to protect them and even sacrificial penal battalions to take the brunt of the Red Army fire, against a very well dug in and determined Soviet defender, backed with masses of artillery and Katyushas rocket batteries, and hordes of T-34s ready to counterattack.

Bagration to Berlin
These grim last scenarios capture the desperate feel of the futile yet protracted resistance of the German troops that were defending their fatherland from the avenging Red Army. Both sides receives reinforcements – from the Bielski partisans to the SS-Charlemagne division, from German units equipped with futuristic night-vision equipment and shoulder-mounted ‘luftfaust’ anti-aircraft rocket launchers to the unstoppable might and awesome firepower of the IS-3 tanks and heavy katyusha – anything goes!

Special rules:
- Ice
- Snow
- Mud
- Frostbite
- Digging-in (foxholes, trenches, gun pits…)
- Night Fighting
- Minefields
- City Fighting

Number of pages: 112

WGB-11 Warlord

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