World War III: Warsaw Pact

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Oberleutnant Fritz Fischer strode over to his crew waiting patiently beside their T-72M tank. “Guten Morgen Kameraden,” he greeted them, “we’re going west! Grab your gear and mount up.” Fischer had just returned from a battalion briefing. It looked like this year’s Warsaw Pact manoeuvres were about to morph into something more. He’d just received orders to assemble his company and move to the West German frontier. Once there they were to await further orders, but rumours were already circulating that war was imminent. As he and his crew got the T-72 on the road on the morning of 3 August 1985, he pondered what was to come, and how he and his crew would fare.

- Background on the East German army, 9. Panzerdivision, and Panzer Bataillon 2; Czechoslovak 1st and 4th Armies, and 1. Tanková Divize; and the Polish People’s Army and 20 Dywizja Pancerna.

- Instructions on how to build East German, Czechoslovak and Polish T-72B tank battalions, T-72M tank battalions, T-55AM2 tank battalions, BMP motor rifle battalions, wheeled motor rifle battalions, and a Soviet T-72B Tank Battalion.

- A detailed painting guide to help you prepare your Warsaw Pact forces for combat.

- Two Scenarios to test your skills with your Warsaw Pact force.

Number of pages: 100
Format: Full colour, A4 Hardback Book.
Language: English
Author: Wayne Turner and Phil Yates

Note: Updated Army Book for Warsaw Pact Forces in WWIII: Team Yankee.

WW3-06 Battlefront

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