World War III: Team Yankee Rulebook

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Based on the book written by Harold Coyle in 1987, Team Yankee brings the conflict that simmered throughout the Cold War to life in a game by Battlefront Miniatures where you command your troops in miniature on a realistic battlefield. World War III: Team Yankee is the 2nd edition of the rules.
The new edition of Team Yankee, or as it is now known: World War III: Team Yankee. This new edition of the rules includes a number of changes from the first edition of Team Yankee. Most of the changes bring World War III: Team Yankee in line with the latest edition of Flames Of War.

Changes to World War III: Team Yankee
One of the most important changes in World War III: Team Yankee is to the Artillery rule mechanics. Artillery has become more effective. This comes about by streamlining the mechanics with a simplified To Hit procedure with less modifiers. Terrain and night are covered as modifiers to the Ranging In roll, which is still based on the Spotting Team’s Skill rating. To Hit is still based on the target team’s Hit On number and modified only by the number of attempts to Range In, with re-rolls on successful hits for 1 or 2 weapons and failed hits for 5 or more weapons.
Artillery effectiveness is increased by the introduction of re-rolls of successful Infantry Saves for Repeat Bombardments. You do not want to sit your infantry under a bombardment for a long time, as they will soon disappear.
Morale is simpler and easier. You get a chance to unpin and remount vehicles before you test your Units' Morale at the start of the turn. You only test at the start of the turn, no more testing at the end of the Shooting and Assault Steps. However, once your Unit is not in Good Spirits you will have to make a Morale Test at the start of each turn whether they have taken further casualties or not.
Another change is that vehicles no longer become Bogged Down if they fail a Cross Check, they now simply stop moving until their next turn. They can still shoot in the Shooting Step.
The mission section has been updated, adding extra missions and the Battle Plans Mission Selector.Updated mission Victory Conditions and how you take Objectives. If you start your turn on an Objective and you can clear the enemy off by the end of the turn, you have taken the Objective.
The Battle Plans Mission Selector is a great way of deciding a mission type based on how you plan to use your force. Each player picks a posture, either Attack, Manoeuvre, or Defend, and depending on what each player selects this gives you a list of six Missions to roll on.

The Differences Between World War III: Team Yankee and Flames Of War
In World War III: Team Yankee there are no Gun Teams.
Rather than just Aircraft that come onto the table, do an attack, and leave, World War III: Team Yankee also has Helicopters which can stay on the table and operate much like other teams, shooting and moving etc.
The Card terms and layouts are retained from Team Yankee, rather than adopt the layout from Flames Of War. Some general terms are different to keep them the same as the Team Yankee. World War III: Team Yankee uses Morale instead of Last Stand, for example.
Unlike Flames Of War, all Unit Leaders in World War III: Team Yankee can Spot for Artillery. Due to all their fancy equipment, Specialist Observer gives a bonus for Ranging In.
Unlike Flames Of War, Strike Aircraft in World War III: Team Yankee aircraft can operate at night.

Do I Need New Army Books?
Simple answer is no. No army books will become invalidated in the transition. You can carry on happily using any Team Yankee book you might already own.
Upcoming Army Books will add new Formations, Units, and Vehicles to existing forces, but you do not need those new additions to carry on playing your current army. However, you will need the new book if you are after some exciting new kit to add to your army.
No Unit Cards or Unit entries in current books will be invalidated. Again, you’ll only need new cards for new units, which come in World War III: Team Yankee unit boxes.

Number of pages: 97
Format: A4
Language: English
Author: Phil Yates and Wayne Turner

Note: New edition of Team Yankee, or as it is now known: World War III: Team Yankee. This new edition of the rules includes a number of changes from the first edition of Team Yankee.

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